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Is your data 100 % safe with Zendesk ? Customer service software provider Zendesk has suffered an internal systems breach, revealing that a hacker gained unauthorized access to its systems and stole details from three major customers.

Twitter was one of the three clients affected. Pinterest and Tumblr were also hit, Wired reported. A report on Wired says that some customers may have also had their phone numbers revealed, but passwords, password hashes, and encrypted passwords were not part of the breach.

Twitter’s support account said the company was emailing a small percentage of Twitter users who may have been affected by Zendesk’s breach, but said no passwords were involved.

Both Tumblr and Pinterest emailed users warning them to be wary of emails purporting to be from either social media company, Wired reported. Both said they would never ask customers for passwords, and were working with law enforcement to understand the attack and protect user safety.

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