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Ticket Management

We offer plenty of ways and options to manage Tickets!

There is a great saying by Jennifer Aniston “I always say don’t make plans, make options!” In the same way every one just wishes to have multiple options in their lives and thus making their work simpler. When we relate this situation with the helpdesk, we should also provide multiple options to manage the tickets. There are no predictions or any type of intuitions on the number of tickets that might appear on the particular day.

Vision Helpdesk provides different ways in which the tickets can be managed properly. Thus here comes the next and also the important feature and that is Ticket Management!

Different ways using which the tickets are managed:

  • Tracking the issues online
  • Creating tickets using web interface and Email Parsing
  • Fetching emails using Email PIPE, POP3, IMAP, POP3 SSL, IMAP SS, Google Hosted Emails

Advanced Features those are used:

  • Two Way Email Parsing
  • Catch All Rules
  • Pre and Post Email Parsing
  • Manage Break-Lines
Vision Help Desk Software - Ticket Management
Email Parser

Robust e-Mail Parser

It helps to convert e-mail messages into ticket or ticket responses. It fetches the email using Email Piping, POP3, IMAP, POP3 SSL, IMAP SSL.

Two Way e-Mail Parsing

Just like client can submit ticket or reply ticket by emails – with two way email parsing staff can also reply tickets by email client without having login to staff portal.

Two Way Email Parsing

Automation of Tickets using Work Flow,  SLA and Escalations

The tickets work can be automated using the rule based criteria. And the decision is made on what action the system should take on matching the specific criteria conditions. SLA is setup in order to give the timely response to the tickets.

Ticket Search, Filters and Ticket Tags

When you type in the search box then Quick global search option allows fetching tickets and client results. Advance ticket search results can be fetched using Filters. And the Ticket tags are used to view the tickets quickly or to reach out to the tickets anytime.

Ticket Filters
Add Alert

Ticket Alerts on e-Mail and SMS

Tickets alerts can be created by event and criteria based ticket alert rules. It helps to keep us updated on various ticket activities. The alert rules can also be configured to send email and even SMS.

Ticket Queues and Folders

Ticket Queues and Folders allow browsing quickly to right ticket list. They are based on company, department, ticket status, and custom folders like new, assigned, overdue tickets.

Ticket Queue

Ticket Properties

Domains, Departments, Ticket Status, Ticket Priorities, Ticket Types, Flags, Labels, Tags and more..

Domains / Compaines

Multi Domain Helpdesk


Helpdesk Department

Ticket Status

Ticket Status

Ticket Priority

Ticket Priority

Ticket Types

Ticket Types

Ticket Flags

Ticket Flags

  • Smooth management of tickets: Using different ticket properties the tickets can be distinguished properly. Thus this leads to proper and the smooth management of the tickets
  • Quick view of the tickets: Using tags the desired ticket can be viewed quickly. It helps to reach to the ticket at any time.
  • Fetching of tickets becomes easy: Tickets can be fetched using ticket Search and Filters. Thus the job is made easy.
  • Easing the work of the staff members: The work of the staff members is reduced using SLA, Workflow and Escalations. The work of the tickets is automated. Thus reducing the work of staff members.


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