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Ticket and Time Based Billing

Vision Helpdesk offers many important and useful features for Ticket Billing. It offers Paid Ticket Support, Prepaid and Postpaid billing. It also allows Managing Credit, Create invoices and Taxation. It offers with two different Billing Methods: Ticket base and Time base. It allows adding billing settings with different currencies for multiple companies using Multi-Currency. It also offers with Automation and many more..

Vision Help Desk Software - Ticket Billing

Invoice Creation

Vision Helpdesk allows you to create invoice for tickets. You can add multiple items in invoice and also add Tax rules. Invoice can be set to auto create based on billing rules that you have set. You can send invoice copy to customers registered email.

Invoice Creation
Per Ticket Billing

Per Ticket and Time Based Billing

You can set billing settings either ticket based or time based. In ticket based billing its a flat fee you can setup and in time based you can setup time in minutes.

Multiple Currency

You can setup billing settings department wise – that is apply different billing settings for different departments. In multiple company environment you may want to add billing settings with different currencies – this can be easily done in Vision Helpdesk.

Multiple Currency
Credit Management

Manage Client Credit

Each client can have a credit setting – they can add funds and based on their credit available you can decided if they can post tickets.

Invoice Listing In Client Profile

Gives you overview of all invoices for a single client – also shows all paid, unpaid and overdue invoice at one place.

Invoice Listing


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