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SLA And Escalations

A stitch in time saves nine!
We all know the meaning of this famous proverb “A timely effort will prevent more work later.” Very true! In the same way when any of the ticket is send by the client to the staff, SLA helps to give response to the tickets in timely manner. Thus the query raised by the client is solved quickly. In short SLA helps to give the timely response to the tickets of the customers. Thus this timely effort of the staff has also reduced the work load of the staff member. SLA helps in the proper management of time for responding to the queries raised by the clients.

The PERFORMANCEMETER of the Staff member: SLA!
While working in a large organization, it becomes very difficult to keep the track of each and every activity which is going on. The higher authorities cannot judge the performance of each and every employee through the names of the employees. Rather they do not have any magical powers to judge their employees! The employees cannot always follow the saying of Henry Rollins “Giving a good performance, giving it all is what it’s all about. I love to perform!”
It becomes very difficult to choose the good performers from so many employees. So in order to avoid with this goof up there comes another Magical tool of Vision Helpdesk: SLA!

The SLA (Service level Agreement) rules are setup and help to respond to the tickets in a timely manner. It allows keeping a check on the response time of the staff members. Based on this the SLA reports are drawn which allows to know the performance of the staff members. In short it is also the contract between the customers and the service providers. It happens sometimes that the SLA is failing or the tickets are getting overdue that time the necessary action can be taken with Ticket Escalations.

Vision Help Desk Software - SLA and Escalation

Company Work Schedule

The company’s working hours can be added and based on this the SLA time for the company is calculated. There can be number of schedules added.

Help desk SLA Schedule
Help Desk SLA Rules

Setting SLA Plan / Contract

SLA is a contract between the customer and the service provider. Thus the response and the resolution time can be set between different companies. Example:  A SLA between Webhosting Company and its customers could be –15 minutes response time & 1hour resolution time.

Apply SLA Plan Using Workflow Rules

The ticket flow can be automated using the Workflow. Workflow allows you to add SLA plan on various criteria. Some of the additional features include…

Apply SLA using Workflow
  • Respond to the tickets of the customers on time: The SLA rules are setup and help to respond to the tickets in a timely manner. Thus it leads to the proper uniformity for giving the response to the tickets.
  • Keep track on the performance of the employee: SLA is used to check the response time of the staff and also to draw the SLA reports. Thus it helps to know the performance of each of the employees.
  • Time is saved: As SLA is used to keep the track of the performance of the staff member, and also for the timely response to the tickets of the customers. Thus there is a proper management of time in the organization.

Questions like: How to respond to the tickets of the customers? How to know about the performance of each employee? This should not be problem after using the magical tool: SLA. Thus SLA can be considered as the magical tool that keeps a proper watch on the time management for responding tickets of the customers and also the performance of the employee.


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