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Self Help / Knowledge-base Management

God helps those who help themselves and also others!

We all have been familiar with the saying “God helps those who help themselves!” since our childhood. Whenever we are in difficulty, we try every possible way to take ourselves out of that difficult situation. Now the time has passed and I have come to the conclusion that every time you cannot live up with your selfish deeds only, thinking just about yourself. The scenario is totally different when you are working as a Support person as you are expected to tackle with the issues of the clients and treat them as yours. Soon this saying got modified in my mind as “God helps those who help others!”

Is there any tool that can be helpful to staff members and also to the clients? To overcome with this situation, here comes the Helping hand or the “All in one tool” of the Vision Helpdesk “SELF HELP.”

Self help is very useful feature of Vision Helpdesk as it allows setting up the predefined replies for the staff members and the knowledge-base for the clients and the staff members. Thus setting of predefined replies for staff, knowledge-base for Clients and Staff, Create Forums, Question and Answer, Bug Submission, Feature Requests, Manage Downloads and many more..

Vision Help Desk Software - Self Help

All in One Tool

Self help can be considered as “All in one tool” as it allows for adding multi-level categorized articles, file downloads, predefined replies, setup question and answer tool, allow customers to add suggestions or even create forum boards and many more.

Self Help
Article Comments

Article Comments

The staff member can decide whether to allow comments for the articles. The comments can also be moderated.

Article Rating

It allows the customers to rate the articles put forth by the staff members. Thus the staff members get to know what customer think about their articles.

Ticket Ratings
Featured Article

Featured Articles

Featured Articles are those articles that appear on the Client portal home Screen. These articles can be looked upon when ever needed. It gives the proper exposure to the article.

Choice to visibility of an article/ Access rights

The staff member who has put forth his article has a choice that who can view his article. It can be visible to everybody, logged in clients or only to the staff members. In short it defines the access rights for the articles.

Article Access
Self Help Suggestions

Knowledge-base Suggestion

Whenever a ticket is submitted by the client, then the list of knowledgebase articles related to their subject are displayed. Thus the customer can decide whether their question is being answered or they should proceed further with their ticket submission.

Quick Insert or Predefined Replies

Quick insert or the predefined replies that can be used as a ticket reply any time while solving tickets. Thus the questions that are asked frequently can be answered quickly. Thus the time of the staff members is also saved.

Quick Insert Self Help
The features are still not over…

  • Time saving for the staff members: There are certain questions that are asked frequently during solving tickets. The staff members can answer those questions quickly through the replies that are predefined. In a single click the ticket gets resolved. Thus the time of the staff member is also saved. Thus, Quick insert is an amazing feature!
  • Convenient for the clients: The client can look towards the article they were looking for through the knowledge-base without submitting ticket. Thus it becomes very convenient for the staff members.
  • Interaction between the clients and staff members and other clients: The staff and other clients can interact with the clients easily by answering to the queries put forth by them. Thus a healthy communication takes place between them.
  • Attachments along with the articles: Certain attachments related to the articles can also be done along with the articles by the staff members.
  • Moderation of Comments: The comments posted by the clients can be disapproved, marked as spam, edited or deleted by the staff member.

It gives great satisfaction to us whenever the query put forth by the customers is resolved successfully. And in order to make this possible SELF HELP plays a very vital role. Self help offers a helping hand to both the staff members as well as the customers. In short Self help gave rise to a new saying as “God helps those who help themselves and also others!!”


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