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Satellite Helpdesk / Multi-Companies / Multi-Brand  / End User Support Helpdesk

Do you run multiple brands or companies? How do you manage support for your different brands or companies? If your answer is – “YES we install different help desk software for each brand simply because we want to maintain isolation among different brands”.
There is nothing wrong about your answer but this solution works well if you were running one or two websites. Imagine you have five or more companies and you want to manage support for each of them. You will end up installing separate help desk license for each company, maintaining staff across all companies, and the cost involved is huge too. Also the work of the staff members becomes very tedious. It happens sometimes that they feel pressurized and even stressed out. At that time you remember the saying of Peyton Manning “Pressure is something that you feel when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing!” Here comes Vision Helpdesk with its most important feature of Satellite Helpdesk. All the confusions and problems that aroused by handling multiple companies got sorted in no time.

Managing multiple companies/ Brands.. Not a headache!!! We can manage them at one place using Central helpdesk!

Satellite or Multi Company or Domain or Product Helpdesk

Is Satellite Helpdesk Feature for me?

  • If you run multiple companies or websites and wanted to offer support for all your companies through central helpdesk.
  • If you run single company but offer multiple products and wanted to have separate branded helpdesk for each product.
  • If you wanted to offer end user support (that is offering support to your customers end users)

There can be more such business models – A traditional helpdesk software do not offer a way to manage above such requirements but with Vision Helpdesk you can easily manage above business models.

What is Satellite Helpdesk?

With traditional helpdesk software you can manage support for only one company but with Vision Helpdesk you can manage support for one or more companies at one central helpdesk.

Key Points of Satellite Help Desk

  • Single database to manage support for multiple companies
  • Single Staff Interface to manage support for multiple companies
  • Separate branded client portals for each Company
  • Limit staff access based on domain and departments access assigned to them.
  • End-users are never aware that their requests have been handled by the central help desk.
  • Each company has its own admin settings also you can define different knowledgebase, selfhelp for each company.

Thus in short managing multiple companies is no more a headache! Vision helpdesk creates a logical separation among different companies. And it allows managing support for one or more companies at one central helpdesk.


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