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Blabby – Collaborate To Solve Tickets

Got Struck..Want to communicate with your Pal who is busy on a Support issue!!!

Working as a Sales or the Support person is not an easy task! You should always be on the tip of your toe! The true meaning of multitasking is best understood when you are working as a support person. The satisfaction of the client at any cost becomes the first priority. The main task involves listening to the clients’ problems, solving it, finding the reason behind it and this process goes on till the customer is satisfied. The job is not still done! You should keep in touch with the clients if they are still facing some other issues.Thus it becomes a responsible job and you should always be ready to tackle with their problems and treat them as yours.

The most difficult condition for a support employee is when he is struck with some support issue and he hardly finds a solution to that problem. And the client is busy shooting many queries on him. You want to speak to your colleague but he is busy in handling some other issue. That time you remember the great words of Steve Carrel “I have no idea where my pathetic nature comes from. If I thought about it too long, it would depress me.” You try every possible way to seek your friend’s attention, so that he can help you for the issue you are facing. You even text him but soon realized that his cell is in the silent mode. Luck is really against you and you feel you are struck in the HELL! Can anybody take you out from there? That time something clicks on your mind and you realize that you are working in Vision Helpdesk! And we have a savior tool known as BLABBY!

Vision Help Desk Software - Blabby

Private Social Hub

Blabby is the private social hub for the staff members in an organization to communicate among themselves. Thus it brings all the staff members together to share knowledge, files, presentation, videos and collaborate on various ticket issues. Internal communication between the staff members brings them together. Effective communication among the members of the staff helps in achieving the organizational goals. Thus Blabby brings your staff members together and working together is a real fun!

Blabby on mobile

Blabby on mobile version

The Vision Helpdesk mobile version also allows adding new blabs, post comments, read blabs and many more.

Blab Trends / Keeping us aware of latest topics

The latest topics that are being discussed on Blabby can be easily known through the blab trends. Hash tags # are added to the  words while posting blabs to form trends  A list of the related blab can be fetched easily by clicking on the trending topic. More trends can also be added to the existing one. Doesn’t it look amazing!

Blabby Trends
Blabby Share Access

Blab Access / Privacy

A blab can be personalized with limited staff or it can be decided to share a particular Blab with all the staff members. Thus it provides the privacy if we want to share a blab with a particular staff member only. Thus it can also be used for the private communication.

And the list goes on……

  • Keeping a check on the blabs added: Blabby keeps the record of all the blab trends that are being added so far. Using the calendar it lists all the trends added on the particular day.
  • Sharing of Images or Videos: An image or the video can also be shared along with the blab. This can be considered as a real helping hand when we are struck in a problem and need help!
  • Viewing the blabs of others: It is also possible to view the blabs of other staff members. It will give the list of blabs posted by the particular staff member.
  • Collaboration on ticket issues: Blabby helps the staff member to come together on various ticket issues by sharing the knowledge, files, presentations and videos. Thus various issues related to the tickets can be shared with each other giving the sense of UNITY and FUN among the staff members.
  • Security: The staff members can collaborate themselves on different issues. It allows them to share knowledge, files, presentations, videos with other staff members and thus giving them an assurance to security.

Thus, whenever you are struck on some issue and can’t find any way how to resolve it, need to communicate with your colleague who might have the solution to your problem: Use Blabby!


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