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Welcome to Vision Helpdesk V3 update #3 — Through this post we want to share the idea of new dashboard functionality adapted in V3 version.

Dashboard is a important part of helpdesk software – It provides lot of information at a glance –  This includes easily identifying correlations in data, getting  overview of your helpdesk activity, decision making and lot more..

The new dashboard is Interactive and presents the data in Real Time — we have used jQuery and Ajax techniques to overcome page refresh to reload data so even if you are idle you will see the dashboard data updating in real time.


V3 QuickView

V3 QuickView


Recent Ticket Activities

Recent Ticket Activities




The new dashboard is Customizable i.e, User can enable / disable modules or even they can define filters using different criteria – just like creating widgets.

Another new interesting feature that we have added to dashboard is Pin-up option.

Pin-up is really useful feature – very often we think a ticket is important and we will need it at a later stage, similarly there can be a knowledgebase article, important client or some notes that you would want to store at some place and get a quick access again when you need it.

Over the complete helpdesk you will find “add to pin-up option” which will allow you to Pin-up the data and this data will be accessible for you in Pin-up section available on dashboard.

Pin-Up Feature


I am sure you want to try your hands on new V3 version and its exciting features — hold on friends for some more time we are working hard to bring you the next generation helpdesk software V3. If you like the post please send love by commenting this post, We are open for new ideas and suggestions.

Stay tuned for more updates on V3..

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