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Now that you read the post title as Part1 — You probably know that we are going to post more updates and teasers for V3.

I can’t hold it anymore – let the screenshots do the talking..

“v3 is our passion and the

screenshot should speak for itself “

Vision Helpdesk V3 Login Screen

V3 Login Screen


Vision Helpdesk V3 Manage Portal Screenshot Teaser

V3 Manage Portal


Vision Helpdesk V3 Client Portal Teaser

V3 Client Portal

Architecture and Designing User Interface were our top priorities from day one of V3 development — This time we wanted to bring a change in traditional design and architecture, A change just like Gmail brought to traditional email client like outlook. After I started using Gmail trust me I haven’t opened outlook for even single day and I know its not just me. :) You bet! you will see the same kind of transition in V3.

Vision Helpdesk V3 Teaser Video

I hope the screenshot will get you excited — If you like it send some love by commenting this post.

In our next post we will bring you more screen-shots and insights on V3..

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