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Vision Helpdesk team is proud and excited to release the first beta version of the V3 . Since the start of the Vision Helpdesk team effort, we have had a long and very productive development phase. In the mean time we have released V3 design teasers and few updates on new architecture, to give the users a chance to see what we are doing.

This beta marks the beginning of a new phase. The time has come to start polishing the features that we have, and make them production quality.

Currently we are releasing V3 beta version that is available only on our Cloud Server.

With below Question and Answers we have tried to answer almost all questions that you may have with  V3 beta.

How to signup for V3 beta?

Click here to signup for V3 beta hosted on our Cloud Server 

The order form will ask you to enter License Domain — you can choose any available subdomain like

After completion of order you will receive welcome email with login details for your Vision Helpdesk V3 beta.

Is V3 beta mandatory for all customers ?

NO – We have released V3 beta in order to give you chance to try your hands on V3 before we release stable version. Also to show you what we have worked till date and the beta version will give you an idea of how we are heading towards our new version.

I am hosted client and If I signup for V3 beta does it upgrade my existing hosted vision helpdesk?

The answer is NO – V3 beta is hosted on new server and has nothing to do with your existing account.

Is any documentation is available for V3 beta?

NO not yet – we will release documentation with Stable release – V3 is self explanatory and you can always contact our support persons for any help you may require while playing with V3 beta.

V3 Pricing 

The new pricing is applicable only for NEW CUSTOMERS.

Existing customers will be moved to equivalent plan with same old pricing.

Vision Helpdesk SaaS License (Hosted on our Cloud Servers)

Lite Plan = $24 per month

Professional Plan = $47 per month

Premium Plan = $71 per month

Ultimate Plan = $119 per month

Vision Helpdesk Owned License (Hosted on Clients Server)

Lite Plan = $599.00

Professional Plan = $1399.00

Premium Plan = $2199.00

Ultimate Plan = $3699.00

Can I signup for V3 License now?

No but you can signup for V2 license at lower cost and get a free upgrade to V3.

I owned a V2 License and my Support and Software Updates package has expired  – Will I still get V3 free ?

Existing customers make sure you signup for Support and Software Updates in order to get free upgrade to V3.

Where do I post bugs for V3 beta?

You can email us at — we will auto update your V3 beta setup as and when we fix bugs.

Any news on when will be V3 Stable released?

You can check our V3 road map here –

Looking forward to hear your precious comments / suggestion / bugs / feature request.

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