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Vision Helpdesk Single Login is the mechanism for authenticating your support desk users using an external database or authentication mechanism.

You can integrate your Vision Helpdesk with your existing Intranet, LDAP (Active Directory). Single sign-on enables centralized management of user accounts from one single source. If you already have backend systems and user databases available, this enables you to let your users to log in, without registering to Vision Helpdesk client portal.

How to integrate your LDAP or AD with Vision Helpdesk?

Below listed simple steps will help you to integrate Vision Helpdesk with LDAP or AD.

Step1) Login to your Vision Helpdesk manage portal

Step2) Click Settings >> Single Login >> Active Directory

Step3) Enter below listed fields and save it.

Host nameHostname of your LDAP server   (example – )

Port:  389 ( this is default port for LDAP )

Base DN:   The top level of the LDAP directory tree is the base, referred to as the “base DN.” (example  dc=ldap,dc=visionhelpdesk,dc=net )

RDN:   Relative Distinguished Name  (example ) – The user who has access to validate other users.

Password:  Password for admin user 

Status: enable

Step4) Once you have added above settings make sure your server firewall allows access to port 389

Step5) You can try login to your Vision Helpdesk Client portal with your Active Directory users email and their password.

Your are done… :)

Just like LDAP / AD integration or Login sharing, Vision Helpdesk offer single login integration with various other online scripts for more details checkout –


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