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Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between SaaS and Download License?

SaaS License is hosting Vision Helpdesk on our Cloud Servers. You don’t have to download any setup file or install application on your server.
Download License means hosting Vision Helpdesk on your server. You have to download setup file and install Vision Helpdesk on your server.

Any feature limitations with FREE TRIAL License?

No limitations – you get free 30 days trial license that has no limitations feature wise. You can create domains, departments, staff etc just like with actual license.

Is upgrade to actual license easy?

Yes, its really simple – you don’t have to re-install actual license. You can simply purchase actual plan and license will be auto updated from free to actual license.

Do you offer support for free trial license?

Yes we offer complete help with installation, configuration or any help you may need with Vision Helpdesk setup.

Can I change License Domain?

Yes, you can change license domain any time and while doing so you don’t have to re-install Vision Helpdesk.

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