Free Help Desk Software By Vision Helpdesk

We are happy to offer FREE help desk software (Vision Helpdesk Download License) to registered charities and open-source projects.

There is absolutely no charge involved to get the FREE help desk License for your charity or open-source projects. You are entitled to receive unlimited FREE Support and Software Updates for life time.

Charities, NGOs, and Non-profit organizations have many challenges facing them. Often, the people who devote their time to bettering the world around them are faced with few supplies, limited staff, and little to no funding. We are happy to be a helping hand to such charities to help them receive much needed services without adding strain to their budgets, and we at Vision Helpdesk gets a little extra exposure and a lot of satisfaction knowing that we are able to back to important community organizations.

What does it take to be eligible for free help desk software?

Terms and Conditions

How to request your FREE help desk license?

Email us at sales[at]visionhelpdesk[dot]com with details about your organization and we will be happy to help you further.


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